Timber Stocks

We have access to our own woodland, and also obtain some of our planking from fallen trees around the island. If you have any sizable trees that have come down, and would like some advice on what best to do with them, please contact us, and we would be happy to help.

Hardwood Sections

Ash, English oak and elm are currently in stock, with a through put of other species on occasion.

Assorted Softwood

Sequoia, spruce, pine and European larch in either rough sawn slabs or pole lengths, for horse jumps and pioneering poles.

Wood Turners

We save fruit wood, shrubs and native species for you to experiment or be creative with. Occasionally we have burrs in stock. Contact us for details.

Boat projects

We can source some timber for boat repairs, The Bristol Pilot Cutter 'Madcap' pictured is 136 yr old, and we supplied her with a new rudder from manx grown Elm.

At Work

Here we are in action, reducing an already fallen tree into re-usable planking. Much of which will end up as garden furniture. The first piece is English Oak, and the second is a 200 year old Ash tree, the other is a spalted beech, destined for crafting into Manx made gifts.

Stihl 075AV

The Sperber logging mill has long been recognised as the best around for decades. Made in New Jersey USA, this model is powered by twin head units and is capable of planking a 36 inch width. This enables us to reduce inaccesible trees into manageable sizes for extraction. The backbreak is worth it when we see another happy customer with a worthwhile product rather than a stack of firewood.


Timber will move and twist after cutting, and open up with shakes due to changes in humidity. This is a natural process and will not affect the strength or integrity of our products. Strong sunshine and excessive heat are accelerators of this process, and if your furniture is in a shaded area the happier it will be. Cool damp days will see the timber close up and resume its' previous form.

Hall Stand

The most interesting grains are selected from our range of locally grown Elm, to bring you a visually pleasing piece with such useful attributes as key and jewellery hooks, with flat or recessed shelving.The whole piece is then given three coats of the finest Chinese Tung Oil' to bring out the best effects of this interesting wood.Preserve yourself a piece of Manx history from this 200 year old tree, that was taken down for safety reasons. Reduced to £325


We have just ran an exhibition at the airport to assist the Manx workshop for the disabled. This was an opportunity to promote the profiles of those taking part in the "Christmanx" display. We hope it broke the tedium of waiting for flights and we hope to see you there again.